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About Us - HERO 2020 Canada

About Us

About Hero Summit

About Hero

HERO is a movement that champions HIGHER EMPLOYABILITY RESULTS AND OPPORTUNITIES. It is an essential forum created to exponentially experience the benefit of collaboration, to learn from each other, to meet solutions providers, and to ensure that our present universities, colleges and institutes are ready to support the 21st century industries.

We are also a global organization of education leaders, entrepreneurial communities, industry employers and collaborative spaces that connect, inspire and enable higher employability results and opportunities. We exists to represent and support varied objectives: to trail blaze new opportunities, develop programs for its members, and create an essential community that is fully engaged supporting MISSION: EMPLOYABILTIY!

About the Hero Summit

The HERO SUMMIT is an annual conference participated in by global universities & colleges, education solution providers, researchers, and corporate industry leaders with the aim to share unique opportunities, to learn from each other. It creates a platform that brings together universities, industries and solution providers in an open space to collaborate, share experiences and design solutions to problems that have not yet surfaced but will eventually challenge them. Organized on August 26-28, 2018 in Singapore as a Private Limited Company, it exists to represent and support varied key objectives and principles.

Highlight Cooperation and Support

Trail blaze new opportunities, for its members and create an essential engagement to address university brand ranking, in preparation for the 4th industrial revolution and the development of programs to improve the employability skills of graduates.

Experience the local culture and knowledge facilities and provide Best Practice Case Presentation

Our conference enables participants to get to know the local culture and environment and learn from local good practice examples from members and participants as well.

Expanding networks and knowledge base

We believe in building long lasting relationships and sharing knowledge beyond the actual conference days. As such we offer you access to ‘ HERO ACCESS” to meet and interact before, during and after the conference with those having shared interests and goals. It is through this same tool that you can access the papers, presentations and other materials from all the speakers as they permit.