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Brainshare is an inspired collaborative learning space created for the HERO Community and their advocate partners.
It offers FREE webinar champion sessions addressing current issues in leadership, innovation, research and education.

Welcome HERO Brainshare Webinar Series!
Webinar registration and participation are FREE. However, for those who will be requesting for e-certificates, we have to charge a minimal fee of P500 to cover:

1. Issuance of blockchain verified certificates
2. Post-webinar admin resource cost

To request a certificate (500php) please fill out this FORM.

We invite you and your group to answer the question “How can we Revolutionize the Future of Education?”
Lucky groups will have their answers featured in upcoming Hero Brainshare Webinars.
Share your groups and answers HERE.


HERO Brainshare June Webinar Series

Women leaders are showing us the way to win through this pandemic. This inspiration was so strong that HERO Brainshare now highlights WOMEN ON MISSION as a leaping point for Education. Women’s inclination toward a holistic, self-reflective, and nurturing leadership serves as a beacon in our VUCA world.

This one-time registration allows you to attend all 4 webinars this month.

All our final week webinars (June 27 henceforth) have CPD units issued by St. Paul University – Philippines.

To request a certificate with CPD units (1000php) for Teachers and Nurses, please fill out this FORM.
To request a regular certificate of participation (500php) please fill out this FORM.
NOTE: We will only issue one certificate per one webinar attendance.


We are committed to developing more webinars free for all. Your donation will enable us to continue this advocacy.

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Due to concerns about COVID-19 and travel restrictions, the summit will be postponed until further notice.Learn More