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Creativity is the New Currency for The Future of Education - HERO 2020 Canada


Creativity is the New Currency for The Future of Education


There are people I know who can magically turn something worthless into something so useful and extraordinary. This, however, is not because they know how to use magic or concoct a secret formula. This is because creativity is running through their veins and that they have the right motivation to use it at the right time.

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. This is a direct definition from the dictionary. Other definitions that are more profound even call it a phenomenon that happens when something valuable or extraordinary, is formed or created, either tangible or intangible.

Learning And Creativity

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Robert J. Sternberg, one of the authorities behind the Investment Theory of Creativity, defines creativity as a cluster of skills and a decision (http://www.robertjsternberg.com/investment-theory-of-creativity).

Other than something that one can do, creativity is also something that one decides when to do. This creativity, including the willingness to take risks in “selling” that creativity, can be learned if students are given the liberty to think for themselves.

In other words – it is learning creativity by exercising creativity.

Change In Creativity

Is there a need to prioritize creativity in the teaching-learning process, in our schools, and in education? Definitely, but it requires change.

Change in the context of teaching creativity is synonymous to something that is developed. Essentially, modeling and encouraging creativity in the classroom means developing teaching strategies and techniques that are inclusive yet flexible, diverse yet focused, and creative yet effective and efficient.

Change in the context of teaching creativity is also synonymous to something that is dynamic. The delivery of concepts that lead to skills should be adaptive, ensuring its relevance to the learner’s existing need and circumstance. This is usually achieved when the learner is having more fun and is more engaged, thereby absorbing and learning more.

Here are other ways of how creativity can be present in the teaching-learning process:

✓Let the learners speak and express themselves. This is the best way one can know the learners, including their needs and their desires.
✓Don’t just learn with the students, but teach with them. Co-creating activities with students encourages creativity. Learning can also be more engaging this way.
✓The exercise of creativity in the classroom has two important elements – timing and effort. Make sure that your learners are fully aware of these.
✓As the facilitator of learning, find creative strategies, techniques, and materials in teaching. Train yourself in consistently doing this.
✓Do not be afraid to experiment and fail. This is part of the risk in modelling creativity to your learners.

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