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HERO Summit YEAR 2 - HERO 2020 Canada

HERO Summit YEAR 2

Signs up partnership with Inca Synergies Founder and CEO, Mr. Raj Narula

HERO Summit YEAR 2

Year 2 of the Higher Employability Results and Opportunities (HERO) International Conference will be held in Ottawa, Canada on October 27-29, 2019 in partnership with Inca Synergies.

“There is so much potential and opportunities that HERO can offer to Canada and to the world. I am more than grateful to be part of this initiative”, quipped Mr. Narula.

Mr. Narula is the HERO Summit-Canada partner-champion. He has  steered many of the North American companies to significantly increase their India footprint and revenue for over a decade. His last venture ( TaraSpan) which he exited from in 2014 grew from 3 people in 2007 to over a 160 people in India for North American companies. Raj has traveled extensively to and within India and the region to identify potential channel partners to work with many of the solutions coming to India from North America. His expertise in managing the expectation of both the OEM and the Channels is extensive. He has also traveled to and conducted business for the very same solutions in many countries in the region including the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore , Philippines and Hong Kong.

In addition, Raj has been a regular speaker in India and Canada with both Telecom and Entrepreneurial related events in Delhi , Bangalore ,Mumbai and across Canada and the US. In the past three years he has led many Trade delegations to India working with Federal Ministers, Mayor of Ottawa, ITAC and is a mentor at Gennext part of Reliance Group in Mumbai. Raj is formerly CEO and co-founder of TenXc Wireless, ( Sold to CCI in 2011) a company developing intelligent antenna systems for the GSM market. As CEO and Head of business development he launched the company and was instrumental in raising over $20M in venture capital serving Tier 1 Mobile carriers in Canada and internationally.

About 200 delegates from invited countries like Singapore, Philippines, India, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, USA, Korea, Canada and the United Kingdom will have the pleasure to listen to topnotch speakers and discover researches that will matter for them as they face heads up the future of schools.

You can send your inquiries via email at

Philippines:         bryce@herosummitseries.com  or via SMS at +63 917 356 7471.

India:                     nikhil.chopra@herosummitseries.com or via SMS at +91 981 821 8187

Canada:                raj@herosummitseries.com

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